Club Net

Our weekly club net is held every Wednesday at 8pm Eastern time on the 147.150+, K9ITK repeater. Any licensed amateur is welcome to check in.


Net Roll and Check-ins


Current Example Net Script:

// Net control, Please announce 5 minutes prior to the net that the repeater will be in use at 8 PM. When running the net, remember to speak clearly, at a reasonable pace, and identify as necessary. Make sure you have paper and a pencil handy to jot down call signs of new check-ins.//

Calling all stations for the Terre Haute Radio Club weekly net.

This net meets every Wednesday evening at 8 PM Eastern here on the 147.150, K9ITK repeater.

The purpose of this net is to pass along club announcements and promote general camaraderie among local amateurs. This is not a traffic net, however any emergency traffic will be handled with urgency. This is a directed net with a roll call, but all amateurs are welcome to check in.

The net control station tonight is (YOUR CALLSIGN), my name is (NAME), and I am located in (CITY/AREA).

At this time is there any emergency traffic?

Hearing no emergency traffic, we will now begin the roll call. If you have any announcements or comments for the net please share them when you are called. We will start with club members and then we will take check-ins from all others.

(See attached Roll)

This is (CALLSIGN), that completes the roll call as I have it, are there any late or new check-ins? Please call net control.


At this time are there any late check-ins or rechecks?

Hearing no additional traffic, I will now close the Terre Haute Radio Club weekly net. I would like to thank everyone for checking in. Tonight we had (NUMBER) check-ins.

For more information about the Terre Haute Radio Club, please visit our website, WWW.THRADIOCLUB.ORG or contact an officer. This is (CALLSIGN) returning the repeater to normal operation.