About Us

We are an amateur radio club based in Terre Haute, Indiana. Our club callsign is K9ITK, which is a vanity call taken in remembrance of our former Trustee, John Evans. We have been steadily growing over the past two years. We are completely independent of other local organizations, although we do support local emergency services groups. We now own, operate, and maintain local repeaters on 4 bands: 147.150+, 444.750+, 927.750-, and 53.130-. We are also helping the amateur hobby in our area grow by sponsoring monthly test sessions. Our purpose is to explore and enjoy amateur radio, as well as promote interest in the hobby and educate newcomers.

If you're interested in joining the club, please contact and officer or reach us via the e-mail on this page. Please include your name, callsign, location, and a brief explanation why you wish to join our club. Club dues are currently $10 annually, $15 for family memberships. If you wish to set up a recurring payment via PayPal that can be found here at our website. While the Terre Haute Radio club does not discriminate, we do reserve the right to deny or terminate the membership of persons found to be harmful to the mission of our club. Club members may be subjected to background checks at the discretion of the club. We do work with children and other members of the community which we do not wish to endanger in any way.

Current Officers


Jerry Hankins, Jr.


Vice President/Trustee

Sutton Doty



Ginger Monastyrski




Brian Kester














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Please send all mail to:

Terre Haute Radio Club
PO Box 5145
Terre Haute, IN 47805